About us

Who is Jonathan Cooley?



"Dr Jon" is an active adjunct professor and writer with experience in graduate and undergraduate courses for both classroom and online teaching using Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, and Saylor Academy in the U.S., China, Morocco and South Africa. He has delivered professional lectures to industry in all these countries as well as Japan and EU countries.


Dr Cooley creates online classes for synchronous and asynchronous classes. He serves as an Adjunct Professor at several universities teaching International Business, Corporate & Marketing Strategy, Finance & Accounting, Game Theory, and Asian Business.


Jonathan brings practical business experience to his teaching with domestic and international experience as a high technology consultant with Ernst & Young and Deloitte. As a Partner, CEO, CFO, and Project Manager he is an entrepreneur with manufacturing, investment banking and operations/marketing management experience in the U.S., China, Japan, and Europe.



Sample Publications include:

BOOK: Visiting Scholars & Delivering Distance Learning. (In process).


BOOK: Digital Business Environment in South East Asia: A New Global Paradigm for a Better Future  2018 by Palgrave. Contributing author. Business-to-Business Marketing in China: Digital or Traditional?


BOOK: Strategic Planning –a practical guide for competitive success: Chinese version, 2015 by Thomson South-Western , Editor and Author by permission of Dr. Stanley Abraham


BOOK: Budgeting & Capital Control: Wiley & Sons. Contributing author.


BOOK: The Wrinkled World – Disruption in America: The Plow, the Washing Machine, and the Internet.  Draft out for agent review.


Marketing Attitudes of Chinese Business-to-Business Companies: An empirical organizational buying behavior study for U.S. companies marketing to Chinese B2B customers. 


Delivering Optimal Real-Time Manufacturing Intelligence using data analytics and new software tools available.



My mission for you



My mission for you is to

Travel the World and Teach...

Create a supportive community of

unique resources for professors and lecturers

who like adventure and travel

while developing our skills


delivering quality higher education

using the concepts and new tools online and offline available to us today..

My story


We need more places where global, cross-cultural knowledge and real-world practice connect.


     As a young project manager and later a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, I wanted to become an entrepreneur and CEO. After reaching those goals, I realized I am a life-long learner.

    After a long career, I realized I truly enjoy the student-teacher relationship.I returned to a teaching university for my Doctorate. I recall one professor's opinion; "The problem with you Jonathan is you try to apply all this." 

   YES! Although I recognize the potential future benefits of academic research, I find there is also true value in finding practical, applicable methods, models and information to improve critical thinking and enhance my interests and career in this global world.  

My vision


Simply, to create a global space where young and elder professors and instructors can find new opportunities, quality content, and

share the wealth of our experience and knowledge.

We need more places where global, cross-cultural knowledge and

real world practice connect...


Visiting Scholars and Distance Learning  cross the global divide.